Name: Val'ora

Rank: N/A

Tier: Low 2

Background: Val'ora is a young women born on Concordia. Her way of living is one of the natural ways. She's a hunter, living alone in the forests of the moon of Mandalore, and has done so for as long as she can remember. She does not remember who her parents were, nor what happened with them. She does not consider herself part of any clan, and neither does she consider herself a part of the Tellepids. In her own words, she is just "someone that lives like mother nature intended for". Due to her thoughts on how the world works, and how technology is destroying all the natural in the world, she refrains from using equipment and weapons that reminds her of the everlasting expansion of humanity, and destruction of nature. And thus, only uses the most simple equipment that nature delivers.

Living side by side with nature, Val'ora doesn't kill unless its necessary for her own survival, and apart from that she uses the animals as company due to living outside of civilization.

Speed: High D Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Archery, Survival Skills, and Traps. Mastery in Hunting/Tracking, Animal Handling, Custom Hand-to-Hand Combat. Highly Proficient in Camouflage and Environmental Conditioning. Proficient in Pattern Recognition and Mental Shielding. Skilled in Crafting.

Equipment: Custom Made Bow; Quiver with 60 Arrows; Simple Knife; and Tools for Traps.

Weaknesses: Val’ora hates technology, as it goes against all of her ideals. She would never use it, unless it was a life-or-death scenario. In some scenarios, she would refuse to use them, even if she would die from it; in the case that it would harm nature. Even if Val’ora did use technology, she would be highly incompetent, and thus manipulating her into using technology somehow would be highly effective. Her lack of melee techniques would also be a huge disadvantage, and would force her in most scenarios to stay far away, using her bow and arrow to fight. Being overprotective of nature on any world she is on could lead to her getting manipulated into difficult situations where she would be at a potentially huge disadvantage, and a combatant could easily exploit and kill her.