"I often wonder if the Energy Sword could be used in replacement of a kettle, though I have yet to find a Sangheili willing to try..."

A blade of superheated plasma, stabilised by two small magnetic field generators built into the handle of the weapon. Reading about the energy sword, and the Covenant, it all seems like a different reality. But my eyes have been opened by the Void and the Library as of late, and Un’duro seems to have taken a keen interest in this weapon; so writing my thoughts on it will likely be appreciated by him.

The blade seems to run on a battery-based system, and once the charge is out, the weapon shuts off. So, the first and most important thing of note when using this weapon is energy conservation and awareness. The Energy Sword’s ability to pierce most energy shields, as well as cutting through most materials means that landing one strike is all that is needed; more so than a lightsaber. The Sword itself boils anything it comes into contact with, and the volatile blade will almost guarantee a death on contact.

The design and grip of the sword means a strong enough lunge of the arm can allow one to drag their body forward, leading to a devastating strike that is guaranteed to kill an unaware opponent. So, stealth tactics seems to be favoured in the case of this weapon, and repeated retreats into hidden areas before initiating a sneak attack would be highly devastating. Striking an opponent and then feinting back, and initiating a quick lunge directly through their guard could be a risky, but devastating strategy.

Due to the Energy Sword’s lack of ability to reflect energy, and the size of the blades themselves, stealth and close-distance are key. The Energy Sword has little to none long-range and defensive capabilities, and as such, this must be kept greatly in mind by the user of the weapon. And the sword can be blocked, or at least altered, by other magnetic fields; so a lightsaber could block it being a similar process.

Finally, one thing to note with the Energy Sword is its shape. By capturing another blade, such as a lightsaber, within the gaps between the Energy Sword’s own two blades, one can twist the handle of the Energy Sword and effectively disarm any opponent. A highly useful strategy (which Un’duro seemed to rant about continuously…)

[I would like to point out that my awe of the strategy still very much exists, and every single one of those rants was correct in their assessment. I stand by my decision that the Energy Sword is a superior weapon to the Lightsaber - Un'duro]