Name: Reveth

Rank: Mechanic

Tier: Middle 3

Background: Growing up an orphan in the Rylothian capital of Lessu, Reveth was forced to fend for herself throughout her younger years. This left her seeking companionship even where most wouldn't, for her this meant the gangs in the cities lower levels. In these gangs Reveth made connections, ones that would later aid her in her escape from Ryloth.

Over time the jobs Reveth took on became ever increasing in impact on the local scale, gaining renown as a capable enforcer, engineer, and above all else: slicer. Though this renown in the criminal underworld led to numerous bounties being placed upon her, ones that she could not simply avoid. Using the connections she's made, Reveth escapes Ryloth and in turn any hunters looking for her.

In her time alone, Reveth worked a number of jobs, though most notably she gained renown as a capable bounty hunter. This led her to a bounty that would change her life in numerous ways, Sidon Ithano. Once she tracked the man to Zhanox she began hunting him, that is until she was attacked by a Nexu. The scuffle resulted in Reveth losing an arm, the death of the Nexu, and the discovery of Reveth by Sidon. He showed her a kind mercy that she was not used to, taking her in and offering her a position into his pirate crew, something she would accept.

Speed: Middle E Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Slicing and Mechanical Mind. High Proficiency in Crafting, Ground Vehicles, Ship Boarding, Vehicle Boarding, Street Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Knife Combat. Proficient in Throwing Knives, Blaster Carbines, Blaster Pistols, Survival Skills, and Deception. Skilled in Improvised Sabre Combat, Throwables, Manipulation, and Energy Shields.

Equipment: Reveth’s Eklot; DL-44; Reveth’s Carbine; Vibroknife; 1 Concussion Grenade; 2 Throwing Knives; Digital lockpick integrated into cybernetic arm; Additional Scomp Link; Light Combat Suit; Reveth’s Energy Shield.

Weaknesses: If the odds seem poor enough, Reveth can be convinced to abandon her crew bar Sidon; or if the contract requires it as well. As such, Reveth can be tricked into leaving a combat scenario, abandoning her crew and making both her and the group easier to dispatch. Furthermore, Reveth’s cybernetic arm can be attacked with a localised electromagnetic pulse, disabling it and rendering her a lot less useful and effective.