Name: Standard Chiss Scout

Rank: Scout

Tier: Low 3

Background: The Chiss Scout is a rapid movement recon unit that can easily analyse and report on terrain conditions and unit locations, while also being able to defend themselves in a fight and lead their own rapid attacks, while the Chiss Marine may be the visible front line of the Chjss ground forces, the Chiss Scout is the true front line, being the first to respond and adapt to an an enemy

The Chiss Scout program was first envisioned many years before the Eternal Conquests, when the Chiss ground forces were being created, but it was scrapped due to a massive lack of qualified trainers or equipment, but after the Chiss were defeated by the Eternal Empire and forced to pay tribute, they completely redesigned their ground forces, and brought their scout program back from mothballs, and using information the Chiss Agent Cipher Nine had taken from the main galaxy, they fully developed the program, and began using them in the unknown regions conflicts after the fall of the Eternal Empire to great effect, which cemented them as a staple of the Chiss military strategy.

Since then, the Chiss Scout training has been constantly evolving to whatever threats are the most apparent at the time, and as such, Chiss Scouts from one century may be entirely different in terms of equipment and skillset. As of 20 BBY, they have been trained in a way to recon large army groups with speed, rather than stealth as was the original strategy against the Eternal Sith Empire.

Speed: High G Combat Speed

Abilities: High Proficiency with Charric Maser Pistol and Charric Blaster Carbine. Proficient with Dagger Combat, Environmental Conditioning, Throwables, and Throwing Knives.

Equipment: Mastery with Chiss Electronic Warfare Kit, High Proficiency with Chiss Battle Armour and Chiss Scout Speeders.

Weaknesses: Chiss scout troopers are experienced recon forces, but they are not the best at fighting in direct combat, as such, they can be dispatched by forcing them to fight in static open terrain where they cannot use their vehicle’s mobility, nor their close range weapons arsenal in their favour.