Name: ARC-7117 "Pink"

Rank: Senior Commander

Tier: High 4

Background: Pink (CT-7117) is a 501st clone trooper, with their armour and most of their gear being painted pink, matching up with his name.

Pink got his name when he was on a mission with the 501st, where he found an extremely exotic rock that was coloured pink. Attracted to the colour greatly, the clone decided to make his name Pink.

Pink's first real mission was during 3SA's venture into the Unknown Regions. The Sims-I ventured through space and was pulled out of hyperspace above the planet Quirobu, and crashed on the planet. Pink joined Carnivore to help fight back the Flesh Raiders, using his X-Wing to do several bombing runs during the course of the battle. Once the battle was over, Pink helped out with various experiments with a captured flesh raider to help cure Boil and had an encounter with the Chiss. The Sims-I was repaired shortly after, and Pink set off again, set to Odessen. After arriving a bit quicker than normal due to interference from Palpatine, Pink helped out on Odessen, messing around with everyone else. It was soon that the 501st and Carnivore set out participate in the 3rd Battle of Dromund Kaas.

It was after the battle that the 3SA left to support the Navy in the Juvex-Sunnex Campaign. Pink supported in the battles, forming a friendship with Tarkin and carrying out various missions for him. During the campaign, Silver & Cody had a marriage, which Pink attended alongside Tarkin. During this time, Echo also was sent down to Eriadu's surface, but disappeared, and a squad that Pink was a member of was unable to find the clone. After that mission, the Sims-I was destroyed via a Rhydonium LAAT manned by Torrent. Sometime during this period, Pink also went to Hoth both before and after ARC was stranded on the planet, visiting Silver's hometown, and finding a bitter Echo.

After the Juex-Sunnex Campaign's completion, Pink and the rest of 3SA was sent to Coruscant and suffered through the hell that was the Day of Chaos. Pink spent the bigger part of the year after this being a shell of his former self, attempting to do anything he could to try to help the Jedi that were wronged due to Abeloth's genocide, to no avail due to every Jedi having fleed to the planet Tython and were isolated from the rest of the galaxy. During this time, Pink met Mara Jade and Falcon Spinster. During this time, Pink and the other Commanders became aware that Echo was attempting to hack into the Sims, and went to Coruscant to try to find and captured Echo, but failed.

The 3SA was then deployed to Umbara, and attempted to take control of the planet. Pink did not participate in the death of Pong Krell. However, after the end of Umbara proper, things escalated for the clone. Echo had been captured during the Campaign, and was being supported by Fives and Bruh. With events spiralling rapidly out of control, Pink moved around to try to deal with Echo. However, once Commander Vaukh was defeated, Bruh realized what Echo was doing was wrong and reported him to Pink; on the condition that Fives was spared. Pink completely trapped Echo and left him to be captured, while also stalling Fives to prevent Echo from being assisted. This resulted in the capture of both clones, though both were later freed and retreated to Commenor.

Pink spent several months constantly stalking and planning a complete annihilation of one of the biggest local crime organizations on Commenor after the events of Vaukh. The operation was a success, with the inn that acted as the organization's HQ's cover being completely raided, capturing most of the important members of the organization. Fives was also brought into custody, though Echo managed to escape, who was located shortly after and captured. From here, the rest of the 501st arrived in the system after the Battle of Iego. During this period, Pink played a significant role in events.

Speed: High G Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Blaster Rifles and Throwables. Proficient in Treatment & Aid, Echani Hand-to-Hand Combat, Wrist Shields, Jetpacks, Ground Vehicles and Blaster Pistols. Skilled in Explosives, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat, Hunting/Tracking, and Sniper Rifles. Begun Training in Shii-Cho.

Equipment: Highly Proficient with DC-17, DC-15A, RPS-6 Rocket Launcher, and Wrist Mounted Flamethrower; Proficient with Vibroaxe and DC-15S Carbine; Skilled with Z-6 Rotary Cannon and DP-23 shotgun; 6 thermal detonators, 2 EMP grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Multitool; Carnivore Company Armour; Ysalamir; Standard Medical Supplies; JT-12 Jetpack.

Weaknesses: Pink has, in any other words, spread himself too thin in his skills. Not only does this have a harmful impact on his specialisation on the battlefield, but also given his moderately insubordinate attitude on the battlefield, he is tactically unviable for any commanding officer. With such a broad spectrum of skills, Pink is indecisive about his true place on the battlefield, seeing himself as a jack-of-all-trades. Presenting a combat scenario where there are too many options and too many needs for his specialisation will simply cause the clone to collapse under pressure. Furthermore, after the Night of Empty Tears, Pink has a desire to assist the Jedi in any capacity. Simply presenting a Jedi in an unfavourable scenario will cause the clone to focus on saving the Jedi, distracting him from the task at hand during battle. All the above can be exploited to extreme degrees with those he feels protective over, thus allowing for scenarios where he can be completely emotionally manipulated like a puppet.