Name: GEMINI Droid

Rank: Command Droids

Tier: Low 3

Background: The GEMINI were sentient droids linked in a hive mind who operated the massive Eternal Fleet. Designed on Iokath by Iokath creators, the GEMINI captains commanded the Eternal Fleet warships through the shared GEMINI frequency, which allowed their consciousness to persist even when the droid body was destroyed.

Speed: Middle F Visibility | High G Combat Speed

Abilities: Proficient in Electrostaffs, Mechanical Mind, Slicing, and Blaster Rifles. Skilled in Ship Boarding, Blaster Pistols, Traps, Ground Vehicles, and Programmed Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Equipment: Personal Comms Unit; Techno Staff; EE Blaster Rifle; Heavy Armour with EMP resistance.

Weaknesses: GEMINI Droids considered themselves to be very clever, which is the truth. But this makes them highly susceptible to over-analysis, and thus placing red herrings in combat that are meaningless will force their programming to account for such changes, thus one can direct their combat by baiting them in certain directions with feints and trickery. The GEMINI droids are part of a hivemind, and thus feeding manipulative information to one means a high success at feeding information to all of them, thus allowing trickery and deception on a large scale.