Name: Senya Tirall

Rank: Knight of Zakuul

Tier: Middle 1

Background: Senya Tirall was many things, but chief amongst them was that she was a mother. The mother of the three most important children in the Eternal Empire; Thexan, Arcann, and Senya. After failing to rescue her daughter from the clutches of Nathema, she took missions for the empire out in the far reaches of Zakuulian space.

But having been on Zakuul during its transfer, Senya found herself on the planet with no way of getting out. It was here that she eventually rose to the rank of the leader of the Knights of Zakuul. But she holds doubts as to Valkorian and his actions, especially after the man ousted her children in favour of another child not even born of Zakuul.

Speed: Middle C

Abilities: Fighting Spirit. Extreme Mastery in Martial Weapons, Saberpikes, and Deception. Mastery of Ataru, Ground Vehicles, Environmental Conditioning, Survival Skills, Zakuul hand-to-hand combat, and Tràkata. Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Telekinesis and all umbrella techniques, and Force Valour. Proficient in standard basic Dark Side abilities

  • Balance = 52. Midichlorian Count = 10,900.

Equipment: Senya’s Lightsaber Pike, Light Zakuulan Combat Armour

Weaknesses: Senya cares deeply about her children, and use of Dun Moch or any threat towards them could set her on edge enough to lose the battle. A reminder of her failure to save her family could also unbalance her. Senya has little to no skill in working at range. A Force User or concentrated use of long-range blaster fire could likely put her down for good. Her attributes in the Force are also lesser to her physicality, and any Force User with mastery of offensive Force powers can likely keep Senya on the back foot.