Name: BEE-2007

Rank: B1 Battle Droid

Tier: Low 0

Background: Once the primary Shabogan AI used for most important of tasks, BEE-2007 is not once what she was; given the slaughter of her creators and the loss of a lot of her databanks. Regardless, she still has the same processing power and intellect to be a useful asset, which is exactly what The Harbinger made her to be.

BEE-2007 oft runs simulations for the Harbinger and Marchion Ro, in order to help them properly plan their soon invasion of the universe; and BEE has garnered so much knowledge about trillions of fighters. And soon she will arrive in the universe, ready to bring down anyone with the push of a couple of buttons.

Speed: Low A

Abilities: Has knowledge of every weakness for every individual in the galaxy. The Mastery in Throwables, Pattern Recognition, Traps, Deception, Manipulation, Dun Moch, Mechanical Mind, Crafting, Material Instinct, and Ground Vehicles. Resistance to Mechu Deru and other EMP based abilities. Mind is in a separate data cloud that can upload to other B1 droids if the current body is destroyed.

Equipment: The Master in E-5 blaster rifles and SE-14 blaster pistols; 4 Thermal Detonators; Can rig an E-5 blaster to one-shot anyone if the bolt comes into contact with them; Built-In Teleporter; 2 Scalpels

Weaknesses: Bee’s sole goal is to create chaos, and see if the data collected in the simulations is true. As such, she will deviate from any orders from anyone in order to test her database against a combatant she has not done so against yet. If one were to know this, they could manipulate Bee into particular scenarios that could be rigged with traps. Furthermore, Bee is not willing to disclose the information, nor her true loyalties to anyone; and knowing this, one could manipulate her priorities in a combat scenario in order to get her to prevent an information leak. A superior AI or a masterful technician could potentially isolate Bee from the cloud by uploading them to a separate storage container, thus preventing them from uploading into other B1 bodies. And while she has a great number of abilities, she is still a B1 droid with the physical durability of a B1 droid. Thus, if one wanted to at least survive her via Battlefield Removal, they could destroy the body itself.

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