Name: Standard SBR Trooper

Rank: Private

Tier: Middle 3

Background: The Shield Brothers of the Republic was an initiative created by Palpatine in order to bring the Republic worlds most critical to his plans under what was pseudo-Marshal Law. The troopers that would compose the SBR were far more loyal than Clone Troopers, and would quite literally do anything for Chancellor Palpatine and the Republic. The SBR were noted by Director of Communications Axis to be remarkably similar to Stormtroopers, especially given their Phase 3 Armour and their E-11 Blasters.

The Shield Brothers of the Republic were in-fact the cause for the Kaminoan Rebellion in the first place, with the cloners deciding they could not produce an army that would potentially be used against them, which would be the equivalent to making their own jailors. Of course, Kamino was eventually placed under Marshal Law anyway, and the SBR fulfilled their purpose of keeping a very close eye on their creators, and others.

Speed: Low E Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery of Environmental Conditioning. Highly Proficient in Imperius Academy Hand-to-Hand Combat, Deception, Blaster Rifles, Vehicle Boarding, Ship Boarding, and Throwables. Proficient in Riot Shields, Stun Batons, Weapon Instinct, Mental Shielding, and Jetpacks. Skilled with Blaster Pistols, Sniper Rifles, and Ground Vehicles.

Perk: Undying Loyalty

  • The SBR Troopers get a singular ability increase to all blaster proficiencies when following orders from a member of Republic Command (Jedi Masters and above)

Equipment: Phase 3 Plastoid Clone Armour; Mastery with E-11 Blaster Rifle; Highly Proficient with SE-14r light repeating blaster; Proficient with DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle; Baradium-core thermal detonator; 2 LXR-6 concussion grenades; Utility belt with: high-tension wire, 2 grappling hooks; 4 spare E-11 power packs; 3 ion flares, Energy rations, Spare C1 comlink, 3 water packs, 2 medpacs, 2 blast energy sinks, Combat de-ionizer, Wrist binders, Electronic lock scrambler/descrambler

Weaknesses: Unless faced with impossible odds, the SBR Trooper will not give up, ready to fight and die for the Republic. This, while terrifying, is not always to their favour. Knowing the SBR Troopers are not likely to give up, one could set up a trap-like combat scenario where their numbers are depleted due to sheer loyalty. SBR Troopers are the new face of the Republic defence, and as such, are deployed in large numbers to defend key planets. With this in mind, one can cause the SBR Troopers to focus on defending their objectives and key points, and this can prove disastrous if used to trap and kill them. SBR Troopers follow orders to the exact letter. As such, if one were able to fake SBR Trooper orders through deception, they would likely follow them to the exact word unless the orders were blatantly damaging to the Republic’s goals.

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