“A blending of younger forms, and all of them in moderation. In the blending, much of the individuality is lost, but the strengths are spread evenly, and there is little weakness in it. Its great strength is the way it allows the Force to flow through you…”

The Way of the Rancor. Otherwise known as the Moderation Form, or more recently by the Council, the Diplomat’s Form. Why did we dub it this? It is less intensive in its combat demands than other disciplines, allowing Jedi to spend more time developing their skills in perception, political strategy, and negotiation. While it may sound off-putting, being able to train in the Force and social skills is a valuable substitute.

Niman interestingly excludes Form II, as it is in keeping with the Jedi quest to achieve harmony and justice without resorting to the rule of power.

Niman is what some refer to as “The All-Rounder”. It still covers all possible bases for self-defensive purposes, with few identifiable weaknesses no matter what the opposition. One of the keys to Niman is the Force.

As Niman is not naturally talented in the art of being a saber form, it compensates that with a paramount and determined use of the Force. The training of Niman is heavily focused on what one can do with the Force and how naturally and instinctively they can do so. Incorporating Force pushes, pulls, and any other Force technique is found to be extremely vital when using this form. Proper management of these powers allowed a Form VI master to control and eliminate a large group of enemies with ease, though many lower-level initiates experienced difficulty attempting this. One cannot achieve mastery of the form without being able to use Force powers in complete synchronicity with the form.

Despite Niman having no obvious weakness, apart from the form itself having no obvious strength. What Niman relies on at its heart is the creativity of the user. As one shifts their Force abilities about in order to adapt to situations on the fly without compromising the basics, however, such advantages rely on one thing. Telekinetic techniques are employed in conjunction with its basic swordsmanship, and therefore this means there were also allowances for fighting styles that employed multiple blades. All of these add to the beauty of the Niman and make one a formidable and unconventional opponent, but only if they are equipped with that sense of resourcefulness. Distracting a Niman user, using Dun Moch, or finding some way to sever their force connection would render their fighting style useless.

To Summarise:

  • The “All-Rounder” of lightsaber styles, with no notable weaknesses or strengths.

  • Takes a long time to learn it, for it has high demand for creativity and skill. However, in the belief of most, it is the most worthwhile if one were to pick a singular ability

  • Is used in conjunction with the Force, especially Telekinetic techniques

  • The form has no strengths. The form, without any force use, falls apart quickly against a master in other forms. Severation from the Force will prove to be deadly for the Niman user.

  • Creativity is vital. An uncreative or distracted user cannot use Niman to its full potential.