Telekinetic Lightsaber Technique

A technique that uses telekinesis in lightsaber combat. Since the act is the levitation of lightsabers, it can be used in one of two ways.

One is via the saber throw method, using the blade to track and fight an opponent. Many sabers in combination can prove to be deadly and difficult for an opponent to track, the numerous moving blades approaching from all angles. The other is via the saber barrier method. One can move their blades in certain motions, like rotation and spinning, to create a barrier of sabers around them, preventing any attacks from getting through.

The telekinetic technique presents interesting avenues of stealth, range and flanking. All of which culminate in a whirlwind of blades that can slay most opponents. Each blade moves as if it has a mind of its own.

However, with strength comes weakness. It is extremely difficult to learn and requires an extreme amount of concentration. If one were to break the user’s concentration, all the blades would act sluggishly or perhaps not at all. Since the blades are explicitly tied to the Force, being cut off from it would mean that the user of the technique could be seen as defenceless.

I did not think there were any known practitioners of the technique today. But I heard rumours of a Gonk Droid who had 20 sabers. I did not believe it until I saw the droid on Sullust with my own eyes. How foolish, more blades are not always better. Perhaps he will learn the secret to the telekinetic technique yet…

To Summarise:

  • A whirlwind of blades that feel impossible to counter.

  • Can be used in an offensive or defensive manner.

  • Further success is not more blades, it is the independence of each blade and the ease of movement.

  • It is extremely hard to learn.

  • A loss of concentration or being cut off from the Force is deadly. With either of those things, the user would essentially be defenceless in terms of saber combat.