Name: Perry the Platypus

Rank: ARC Commander

Tier: High 3

Background: Perry the Platypus, also known as "Agent P", was an ARC (Advanced Recon Commando) Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. Archenemy of Doctor Doofenshmirtz, Perry the Platypus fought many battles for the Galactic Republic against the Confederacy of Independent systems during The Clone Wars, and fought during the War of the Eternal Alliance. Perry the Platypus had the ability to stand on his hind legs, speak through telepathy, and wield a blaster, despite being a Platypus.

Speed: High D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Karate, Telepathy, Mental Shielding, Kung Fu, Espionage, Deception, Manipulation, and Blaster Pistols. Highly Proficient in Blaster Rifles. Proficient in Throwables, Jetpacks, and Ground Vehicles. Skilled in Explosives and Sniper Rifles.

Equipment: 2 DC-17; DC-15LE; T-21B; Metallic Fedora; human-sized Mechanical Set of ARC Trooper armour.

Weaknesses: Perry is very prone to heat and the cold, as he is a platypus and is used to a specific Earth-based environment. He is also prone to electricity when in his "Mech", as electricity would highly impede its working processes. Perry himself is also vulnerable to dehydration and starvation, due to platypuses having to eat every twelve hours, and having to be moistened and drinking often. Perry, while capable of much, is still a platypus; and as such, is simply going to fall short in physical feats every time. Furthermore, his mech suit could be disable by an EMP or controlled by Mechu Deru, to which it could be used to attack his allies. Perry will always sacrifice himself for his allies if needed, so if one engineers a false scenario where Perry is led to believe that he must lay his life down; Perry will remove himself as a threat.