Name: Cain Ordo

Rank: Mandalorian

Tier: Low 2

Background: Forged by a trail of tragedy, war, betrayal, loss, honour and revenge; Cain embodies and manifests the raw aggression, strength, focus, commitment, and sheer will of a feared Mandalorian warrior.

From his trials of his upbringing at the birthplace of Clan Ordo on Dxun from his mentorship, his knowledge, understanding and execution of tactical warfare and combat (along with his skill with tools), Cain became renowned and greatly feared.

Through his brief marriage he learned to hold fast to what was honourable and fierce loyalty to his family and Clan. And by his great betrayal and great loss followed by his greater unforgiving retribution; his resolve for Mandalorian vengeance, justice and retribution was sealed.

Speed: High D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand, Crafting, Mandalorian Sabre Combat, Weapon Instinct, Throwables, Jetpacks, and Ground Vehicles. Highly Proficient in Martial Weapons, Blaster Rifles, Mental Shielding, Blaster Pistols, and Sniper Rifles. Proficient in Survival Skills, all weapon types, Explosives, Deception, and Mechanical Mind. Skilled in Camouflage and Traps.

Equipment: Durasteel Wrist Shield; 4 Sonic Emitters; 4 SEV2s (Custom Sonic Emitters); Mandalorian Energy Shield; Cain Ordo Mark 1; Durasteel Mace; Improved Vambrace; 2 Westar-34 Blaster Pistols; Carbonite Sprayer; Amban Rifle; Energy Bow; T-7 Disruptor Rifle; Mandalorian Ripper; Cain’s Upgraded Beskar Armour; Sonic Dampeners; Custom Range Finder; 5 Wrist Rockets; Sonic Dampeners.

Weaknesses: Cain is zealously honour bound and more often than not takes drastic measures to regain and protect it. To the point of cutting off his own hand to regain the honour of a dishonourable action using it. Overly disciplined, Cain never gives himself an inch of slack and constantly strives to perfect his techniques and philosophies, taxing him mentally. As such, offerings or hints from a faux higher power to facilitate such changes could allow him to be easily manipulated. Cain is extremely stubborn, and will often go out of harm’s way to make a point of seeing something through. As such, one could lead him into a scenario despite warning signs telling him otherwise. Cain has no sense of fear, threats are rather things that must be overcome and dominated. As such, one can ensure a lack of retreat into their tactics against him. Finally, he does not trust anyone and always has a contingency plan for everyone he meets. Learning of these plans, or baiting him into carrying them out, would give one an intrinsic knowledge advantage as to his own steps. Furthermore, manipulating scenarios to make Cain believe carrying out such contingencies on his allies is necessary is also possible.