Name: Raiden

Rank: Vassal of the Coiled King

Tier: High 3

Background: Raiden, also known as CT-1888, formerly “Jack” and “Ripper”, was a clone of the legendary Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. He served as an Anti-Trooper for the Kaminoans during the Kamino Rebellion. During it, he lost his right eye.

After the rebellion two personalities known as “Jack” and “Ripper” were formed, with “Jack” being in control. He would join the Clone Assassins and pick up some skills from them. Some time after he joined they went to Salteract, a planet filled with monsters and other unfavourable wildlife. “Ripper” would take control during these events, but not before the clone lost his left leg and right hand.

He would participate in several operations with the CAs before “Jack” and “Ripper” merged back into Raiden after CA-1963 destroyed “Ripper” in a duel brought about by the latter’s anger. Soon after the CAs and the rest of System Army Alpha. Unfortunately for Raiden, during the campaign he would lose most of his limbs. He was taken to the Bellerophon, a medical ship, where he was fitted with cybernetics to replace the organics limbs he had. They gave him enhanced strength and durability at the cost of his speed.

Speed: Middle E Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Mastery in Custom Sabre Style. Highly Proficient in Street Hand-to-Hand, Knife Combat, Dagger Combat, Throwing Knives, and Ground Vehicles. Proficient in Teras Kasi, Jetpacks, Rocket Launchers, Arm Vibroblades, Throwables, Vehicle Boarding, Environmental Conditioning, Traps, and Mental Shielding. Skilled in Deception, Hunting/Tracking, Martial Weapons, Blaster Pistols, and Blaster Rifles. Begun Training in Way of the Rancor and Crafting.

Equipment: Skilled in Acklay Blades; Raiden’s Exoskeleton; Raiden’s Sword; Concealed Knife; 5 Throwing Knives; Irmão Mais Armour.

Weaknesses: Due to his extensive cybernetics, an electromagnetic pulse would completely render him useless, and maybe even kill Raiden outright. He has an extreme attachment to his sword, and this should be exploited to distract him in combat so an easy kill can be acquired. Raiden has a flimsy sense of justice, and this can be exploited by a skilled manipulator. If called out about this weakness, he may go out of his way to kill the person who said it, something that can be capitalised on.