Name: Gungi

Rank: Jedi Padawan

Tier: Low 3

Background: Gungi is the rare case of a Wookie being a Jedi. A proud and mighty race, Gungi exemplifies and mirrors that in his approach to the Jedi way. Often happy and at peace with the Force, Gungi is always eager to learn, fight and occasionally hunt. His overwhelming strength and power is nothing to scoff at, and one day, he may be able to amplify his already great Wookie strength with the Force, making him a deadly opponent to face.

Speed: Low F

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability. Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding. Proficient in Ataru, Martial Weapons, Traps, Survival Skills, Environmental Conditioning, Archery, and Throwables. Skilled in Form V. Begun Training in Niman.

Notable Force Abilities: Proficient in Standard Jedi Padawan Abilities. Begun Training in Force Meld

  • Balance = 10. Midichlorian Count = 13,876.

Equipment: Gungi's Lightsaber

Weaknesses: Gungi is a powerful and proud warrior, and will help his enemies if it means he gets a fair fight. He is often reliant on his physical strength, considering his Wookie strength to be too great for his enemies. As such, a warrior with finesse or greater skill could overwhelm him.