Name: Dryden Vos

Rank: Leader of Crimson Dawn

Tier: High 2

Background: Dryden Vos was the leader of the infamous crime syndicate Crimson Dawn. The near-human served as the public face of the syndicate for the majority of the Clone Wars, and accrued a vast wealth and notoriously vicious army of enforcers under his command. He was also of notable appearance given his facial striations, which became more pronounced and bright during times of stress or anger, and more bloodshot eyes. When taken alongside the claws which extended from his thumbs, he could be both a welcoming and intimidating figure depending on the situation, only adding to the infamy of the Crimson Dawn and their exploits.

Throughout the Clone Wars, Vos served under Maul as the public face for Crimson Dawn, a notoriously ruthless criminal group renowned through the galaxy for their crimes and exploits. During this time, Dryden also trained under Maul, learning from some of the Sith Lord's knowledge, including the martial art Teräs Käsi. Given he was also an extremely skilled fighter with Kyuzo Petars, of which he had a custom pair made for his hands and fighting style.

While not a cutthroat personality, Vos was known to be extraordinarily ruthless; while displaying amicable manners to guests, his generosity could flip in an instant. Conversely, he also took enormous enjoyment in the opulence granted by his wealth, and enjoyed showing off his enormous fortune to the galaxy's elite aboard his yacht the First Light, whether it be through exotic food and wine, or his collection of antiquities.

After Maul's departure and retirement, Dryden and Crimson Dawn remained a part of the Galactic Syndicate, answering to HaVoK. In contrast to Maul's leadership, however, HaVoK's command over the Dawn wasn't quite as domineering, and while he followed HaVoK's orders, Vos spent much of his time pursuing his own interests. For instance, after losing their main stronghold on Dathomir and Maul's departure, Crimson Dawn faded somewhat into the background of the syndicate as Vos spent many months assembling and strengthening more military might to bolster his army. However, as time progressed, the planet Mandalore came once more into conflict, and the Syndicate began drawing soldiers more heavily from the other crime syndicates under its wings to make up for the decrease in frontline Mandalorian soldiers. Given their famous ruthlessness and combat power relative to the other syndicates, this meant that an increasing number of Crimson Dawn soldiers were brought into service as foot soldiers for the Syndicate. This seemed to prove Dryden's hypothesis he had needed a stronger army in the first place, and he spent some more time bolstering the Dawn's forces in the wake of this change.

After a while, though, the fear that was once carried simply by speaking the words Crimson Dawn began to fade. While they had not disappeared altogether, their activity in the galaxy had lessened, and many had begun to shake themselves free of the trepidation they had regarding Vos and his allies. Seeing this, Vos decided Crimson Dawn had spent enough time gathering strength, and needed to re-emerge to the forefront of the galaxy once more.

Speed: Middle C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Deception, Mental Shielding, and Manipulation. Mastery in Teras Kasi, and Dagger Combat. Highly Proficient in Standard Hand-to-Hand Combat Types, Blaster Pistols, and Blaster Rifles. Proficient in Martial Weapons, Throwing Knives, Throwables, and Ground Vehicles. Skilled in Pattern Recognition.

Equipment: Extreme Mastery with 2 Custom Kyuzo Petar; Hidden Dagger; Dryden’s Clothed Armour; A-180 Blaster Pistol.

Weaknesses: Due to Dryden’s extraordinary love for displaying his affluence, he is unlikely to let something go, be it a debt or a personal vendetta. This can be exploited greatly, by creating a slight against him, and then luring him into a trap beyond his capabilities to deal with. Dryden is known for being ruthless, despite his cordial exterior. He can thus be provoked into getting close and personal, where traps and other greater skills in close-quarters combat can be employed to put him down. He is somewhat reliant on his Petar, and removing them from his possession would throw off his combat mentality somewhat.