Name: Alveus

Rank: Child of Vahl

Tier: Low 4

Background: Alveus Orolanth, now simply Alveus, is a child currently under the care of Vahl and Nihl, whose parents died in the bombing of Carannia along with many other people. His parents were members of the Ember of Vahl, his mother in particular being a scholarly woman, teaching Alveus many things about the galaxy and even preparing him for the concept of death. His father, a warrior of the cult, had an extraordinarily high level of force rage, this being passed down to Alveus, though his rage is involuntary, only coming out in moments of high emotion and usually leaving Alveus weak and exhausted afterwards. After the bombings, Alveus was transferred to an orphanage on Serenno, where he met a fellow orphan of the bombing, Ava (something). The two became fast friends, and were eventually brought to Empress Teta to be taken care of by Vahl and Mera Dimitra respectively, where they remain now.

Speed: Low H

Abilities: Proficient in Blaster Pistols, Knife Combat, Animal Handling, and Hunting/Tracking. Skilled in Niman, Mental Shielding, Archery, and Pattern Recognition.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in Involuntary Force Rage. Proficient in Animal Bond and Comprehend Speech. Skilled in Psychometry and Force Persuasion. No Universal Standards.

  • Balance: 91. Midichlorian Count: 10,847.

Equipment: Mother’s Journal; Amulet; Knife.

Weaknesses: Alveus very recently lost his parents, edging on the cusp of darkness, and taunting him over that fact may send him into a rage, a rage inherited from his father. And while he may get stronger, he would have barely any control, and a focused combatant could dispose of him with a well-thought plan. After his rage runs out, he is left incapacitated, so one can also play a battle of attrition against him; and then strike when he is essentially useless. And despite his abilities, he is still a child, and should go down with enough physical force.