Name: Wilhuff Tarkin

Rank: Grand Admiral of the Republic Navy

Tier: High 4

Background: Wilhuff Tarkin was a human male military officer in the Galactic Republic. Born on planet Eriadu in 64BBY, he was a ruthless and cunning from his youth. Before the War he was in the Republic judiciary forces. And served there with valour. After the war broke out he assured his friendship with the now Chancellor of the Republic Sheev Palpatine.

During the Clone Wars, Tarkin quickly rose through the ranks. Becoming Admiral and then not long after the second ever promoted Grand Admiral of the Republic by the suggestion of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the unanimous approval of the Jedi High Council and the Chancellor himself.

Tarkin was a part of many Republic military campaigns: Felucia, Defence of Lianna, The Third battle of Dromund Kaas, Pacification of Junex-Senex, Geonosis, and the Pacification of the Western Reaches of Kashyyyk.

Speed: Middle G Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery with Manipulation, Mental Shielding, and Deception. Highly Proficient with Survival Skills and Pattern Recognition. Proficient with Ground Vehicles, Dagger Combat, Staffs, and Improvised Sword Combat. Skilled with Blaster Pistols and Blaster Rifles.

Equipment: Tarkin’s Uniform; Vibrosword; Dagger; Proficient with DC-17; Ysalamiri

Weaknesses: Tarkin is extremely confident, often relishing in victory before it is achieved. Thus, a combatant with power in deception could likely bait him into thinking he has won; before going in for the skill. Tarkin likely is not as wary of Force Users as he should be, both believing in the power of the military as well as his Ysalamiri. Due to this, he is likely to always underestimate a Force User in combat more than he should. Finally, Tarkin simply does not have the mindset for combat, and will usually take a while before actually committing to a physical fight properly.