Name: CC-0601 "Ignis"

Rank: Senior Clone Commander

Tier: High 3

Background: CC-0601, nicknamed "Ignis", was a clone commander assigned to the 555th legion of the 41st Elite Corps of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Like his brothers, Ignis was born and trained on Kamino. Ignis was a sergeant when the Battle of Geonosis happened, losing his squad in the battle. Following the devastating Battle of Tibrin, Ignis became a lieutenant, a member of the Chronos Platoon of Systems Army Alpha. Ignis was present for the crash-landing of the Systems Army on the moon of Endor, and fought against the hostile natives, as well as bounty hunters. The Battle of Kamino left Ignis badly wounded, although he was later promoted to captain.

He was also present during the First Invasion of Mandalore and the assault on the Citadel, fighting alongside his brothers. Following the Battle of Sullust, Ignis, now a major, was once more wounded severely, and was out of action for several months. Upon his return to action, Ignis fought at the Battle of Kessel, helping to hold the line. Following an unsuccessful attack on Felucia, as well as the temporary truce between the CIS and Republic, Ignis joined Grand Admiral Tarkin in a mission in the Senex-Juvex Sector, participating in the combat over Ossel II.

Shortly afterwards, Ignis was promoted to senior commander of the 555th Legion following Fil's death. Later, Ignis led the Legion in the retaking of the Liberation. Under Jedi General Arye Prays, Ignis would take a detachment to rescue the 327th Star Corps, then a smaller group to Nar Shaddaa. Afterwards, he would rejoin with the remainder of his troops at Geonosis, before returning to the flagship, the Secura. Ignis and the Legion took to the frontlines on the planet of Kashyyyk, taking several critical ports and bases from the Confederacy and battling against a hostile Wookiee group.

Speed: Middle D Combat Speed

Abilities: Extraordinary Willpower. Extreme Mastery in Camouflage. Mastery in Sniper Rifles, Survival Skills, and Throwables. Highly Proficient in Blaster Rifles, Deception, Blaster Pistols, Weapon Instinct, Jetpacks, Blaster Carbines, Grenade Launchers, and Ground Vehicles. Proficient in Espionage. Skilled in Hunting/Tracking, Mental Shielding, Traps, Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat, Material Instinct, and Explosives.

Equipment: Phase-2 Plastoid Armour; Mastery with DC-15A, with underslung grenade launcher, as well as the DC-15S Carbine; 1 Smoke Grenade; 1 EMP Grenade; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; NT-242; 2 DC-17; AG-3 Heavy Blaster Pistol; Cloak; Utility Vibroblade; Chiss Energy Shield.

Weaknesses: Ignis is completely and utterly devoted to the Republic, and as such, if a scenario could be presented where he were to be convinced a certain objective was in the Republic’s best interests, he would carry that out without any questions asked. Ignis prefers mid-long range combat, while still effective at shorter ranges, and as such one could gain an edge were they to engage him in a close-range scenario. Removal of camouflage also removes one of his greatest strengths, as he prefers to use camouflage in combat. Ignis is very distrusting of most Jedi, with only a few exceptions, and thus one could force him into a combat scenario where he is forced to work with other Jedi, thus reducing his combat effectiveness. Ignis cannot move his left arm at all, and this allows for many openings in a combat scenario against him.