"When you learn from the great kings of Medieval history, you really come to realise how much grunting there is to the manner in which they fight"

Prakith Sword Combat is similar to what the author seems to continuously refer to as “Mediaeval”.

The style emphasises strong, heavy hits; and the warriors refrain from using light hits. Each strike is created with the intent of causing lethal damage, and anything less causes the style to fall apart completely. This was mostly caused by many of the Prakith fighters wearing heavy, metal armour; and thus strong strikes were the only viable option in those situations.

On the defensive, the Prakith style does not focus on blocking; instead either simple dodges (such as side steps, ducks, and slips) or deflecting the enemy's strike, catching the full energy onto a shield or weapon and pushing it away. Riposting and parrying are subsets of this, allowing a Prakith fighter to counter after an aggressive lunge.

The Prakith Style requires no outlandish movement from its users, with an emphasis on footwork. Energy conservation and space awareness being key, light and simple movements until striking are essential.