"...a technique that helps one resist the Force attacks of an enemy, and is also excellent for lightsaber combat. It does more damage, but it leaves you vulnerable to other attacks. Use it against others wielding the Force or lightsabers, but not against anyone else."

The Way of the Ysalamiri. A form of precision, of struggle. It is not called the Form of Determination for nothing. The form exemplifies both meanings of the word. Determination in the sense that you determine the openings in one’s guard, but also determination in the sense that you press through someone’s defence no matter what.

Yan once said, "Finesse. Artfulness. Economy.” He is not the same man he was, not even close. But his words still hold true. The finesse of Makashi is key. Subtle wrist movements and quick, precise strikes are key. Find the subtle opening in your opponent’s defence with quick, hand movements; and then perform jabs, parries and light cuts.

The artfulness comes from movements that are elegant, powerful and precise, relying on feints to confuse and trap your opponent. The key to art, in any sense of the word, is movement. And movement includes the footwork of the practitioner. Form II practitioners commonly follow a single line, front and back, shifting their feet to keep in perfect balance as the practitioner advances and retreats. It is a style of concentration of the mind and balance of the body, on back-and-forth charges, thrusts, and sudden retreats.

Finally, the economy of Makashi. Fighting Yan many times showed me how important the economy of fighting is. Every movement, every breath, every thought must have purpose, precision, and be minimalist. Not just your own economy, but your opponent's one as well. Waste their breaths, waste their steps by throwing them off balance with precise strikes.

That is the key to Makashi.

To Summarise:

  • Key, precise movements; throw off your opponent by probing their guard

  • Economy is key. Subtle movements of the wrist are vital, while making sure to always be on the offensive. This will throw your opponent off, and they will waste their strength on outlandish movements. A curved hilt will help with the movement of the wrist.

  • Its weakness is blaster fire. A user of Makashi is likely to be defeated under a hail of blaster fire.

  • Another weakness: Physicality. The economy of Makashi is its curse. The subtle, wrist movements would be overwhelmed by a user with strong strikes. Makashi’s lack of physical force is the bane of the style. Form V is particularly good for overwhelming a Makashi user, however, it does not guarantee victory…