Name: Rahm Kota

Rank: Jedi Master

Tier: High 2

Background: Rahm Kota was a Human male who served as a Jedi Master and General during the Clone Wars. Born on a war-torn world, Kota fought in the trenches during the planet's internal conflicts from the age of ten. At the age of eighteen, Kota met the Jedi Mace Windu, who had been dispatched to the planet to end the conflict peacefully. Discovering Kota's Force-sensitivity, Windu took Kota back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. Despite being well over the traditional age of acceptance, Kota was schooled in the Force by Master Yoda. He took Falon Grey as his Padawan sometime before the Clone Wars, training him to Knighthood. During the Clone Wars, Kota was made a general in the Grand Army of the Republic. He did not believe that clone troopers were fit for battle, however, and refused to lead them.

Rahm Kota was known for his aggressive force and strength on the battlefield. Rahm Kota was one of the oldest people to ever be accepted into the Order post-Ruusan. Kota never left a man behind and inspired respect from his troops. Kota was instrumental in the Republic operation to find the 50 Moons of the Winding Bridge, before retiring from the war to Tython.

Speed: Low C

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Slicing and Explosives. Mastery in Mental Shielding, Juyo, Ground Vehicles, Ship Boarding, Vehicle Boarding, and Dun Moch. Highly Proficient in Soresu, Martial Weapons, Temple Hand-to-Hand, and all Blaster Weapons. Proficient in Ataru.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery of standard Master Light Side abilities, Force Push, Force Pull, and Force Grip. Highly Proficient in Force Valour, Force Camouflage, and Force Deflection. Proficient in Plant Surge.

  • Balance = 52. Midichlorian Count = 13,788.

Equipment: Rahm Kota’s Lightsaber, Beskar Armour; Utility Belt with: Survival Rations in the form of capsules, a Hush-98 comlink, a Fibercord Grappling Hook and/or a Grappling Spike Launcher, a Holoprojector, a Holomap, an A99 Aquata Breather, a Jedi Beacon Transceiver, a Glowrod, and Lightsaber Repair Tools.

Weaknesses: Can be extremely overconfident in his skills, to the point where he was willing to believe he could best Darth Vader in single combat. Rahm Kota can sometimes be reckless to achieve his goals, and while his plans are very well planned, they usually have an extremely high risk to them. Engaging Kota in lightsaber combat could prove to be dangerous unless one also practises Juyo or is more skilled with a blade in general. Waiting for Kota to go on the offensive is unwise, as Kota preferred to adopt a defensive stance in combat, using the Force to protect himself until he could launch a counterattack