Name: Evelyn

Rank: Experimental Chikaaran Artificial Intelligence

Tier: High 3

Background: Originally, Evelyn was known as M-Bot. M-Bot was a one of a kind AI-supercomputer. Using a quantum-fluctuation dark energy processor, M-Bot is effectively faster than any other droid. M-Bot was built into the personal starfighter of High King Sarulvian.

Long after the collapse of the Chikaar Empire (some thousands of years), M-Bot was flown by an unknown Chikaaran pilot. Crash landing on Targonn, the ship was discovered by the CIS Explorers. M-Bot proved to be useful in tracking down the locations of the shards of the Chikaar Empire.

Eventually, when the technology was available; M-Bot renamed herself to Evelyn. She had a robotic body built that perfectly resembled a human female. After several internal conflicts, the United Chikaar Shard was established. Evelyn now works as the head of foreign relations.

Speed: Low D Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Ground Vehicles. Mastery in Chikaaran Blaster Palms, Slicing, Mechanical Mind, Ship Boarding, and Chikaaran Plasma Sword Combat. Highly Proficient in all Chikaaran Weapons. Proficient in Chikaaran Hand-to-Hand, Explosives, and Throwables. Skilled in Mental Shielding.

Equipment: Quantum-Fluctuation Dark Energy Processor; Chikaaran Plasma Pistol; Chikaaran Plasma Shortsword.

Weaknesses: Evelyn does not enjoy killing people, almost having a strict rule against it. As such, if one were to feign weakness of fatal injury, they could bait Evelyn to stop fighting. After this, one could easily kill her in this moment of hesitation. This even extends to people Evelyn knows, as opposed to strangers. So, if one allowed Evelyn to get to know them and then engaged her in a combat scenario, she would be unable to land any fatal blows. Finally, Evelyn is highly prone to being subject to her emotions, and someone with skills in manipulation could make her subject to becoming less effective in combat.

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