Name: Kesari Kife

Rank: Senior Detective

Tier: High 4

Background: Kesari Kife is an Epicanthix Senior Detective of the Coruscant Security Force. Born on Bunduki, she had a rough upbringing, at a young age her mother abandoned the family and joined the Followers of Palawa, while she and her older sister had to deal with an abusive father.

When Kesari was 16, she finally snapped and killed her father in self defense, her older sister took the blame and was arrested, but left money behind so that Kesari could leave Bunduki when she became 18.

At 18, Kesari enlisted in the Bunduki Militia where she rose through a couple ranks, her career ended in 2 years after a field test resulted in her injured and her childhood friend dead. After leaving the military she moved to Coruscant and joined the Coruscant Security Force, starting off as an underworld police, where she first hand saw the violence, corruption, and vileness of the Coruscant Underworld, hardening her and sharpening her skills, after 7 years, she was finally recognized for her talents, skill, and mental shielding and inducted in the Detective Division.

After 3 years in the Division, she was also assigned to the Organized Crime Unit (OCU) where she split her DD and OCU duties, but after 4 years, she also got assigned to the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU) after Jaller Obrim saw her skills in handling a hostage negotiation, she has been on the ATU for 3 years, splitting time between the DD, OCU, and ATU and being very overworked but doing her best and keeping her morality and sense of justice strong.

Speed: Low G Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Mental Shielding and Espionage. Highly Proficient in Stun Batons, Manipulation, Deception, Vehicle Boarding, and Hunting/Tracking. Proficient in Street Hand-to-Hand Combat, Dagger Combat, and Throwables. Skilled in Blaster Pistols, Shotguns, Blaster Rifles, Energy Shields, Ground Vehicles, Treatment & Aid, Slicing, and Traps.

Equipment: Proficient in DL-44; A43 Hushabye Blaster Pistol; Stun Baton; Ceremonial Family Dagger; Black Choker designed to give electrical shocks to attackers; Armourweave Jacket; Magnetic Boot; Energy Shield; Breath Mask; 3 Wrist-Binders; Multi-Tool; CSF Badge.

Weaknesses: Kesari is mostly effective at close range, and thus if one were to engage her from a distance, victory would be a much more likely outcome. Kesari is one to look for a non-lethal option in a combat scenario at first, so an aggressive front from the get-go may prove to catch her off guard; as would going all out from the beginning. Kesari is often overworked and stressed, and this can affect her performance on the field, slowing her down or making her not think straight. Using her sister’s predicament against her would make Kesari emotionally unstable, and this should be exploited if possible in order for an effective combatant to find easier openings. Kesari takes her job of protecting the citizens seriously, and upholds the law to a profound degree. Such things should be exploited by a manipulator if possible to swing the combat scenario against Kesari.