Name: Tau

Rank: Gardener

Tier: Middle 4

Background: Tau— also known as the Seedling— was a young Gardener trapped in the body of a Echani girl. After her universe was destroyed by Ectherid and The Key during the final battle of The War of the Hallowed Thread, she fled to the Universe of Prophecy. Using a technique that was too advanced for her, she hid in the recently deceased body of a girl named Erato Belladoris. Her inexperience led her to being trapped, leaving her stranded in an unfamiliar world by herself.

She would soon run into Xesh, whom would name her Tau and take her under his wing. The two travelled before arriving on Mandalore, where Tau would have an encounter with the Key during the Sundari Revolution. The Key, in knowledge of Gardeners, warned the two of her susceptibility given she was a Gardener who had entered a universe, especially one that was not her own. The Key would instruct the two to seek out Omega, who could make sure Tau underwent the correct training to not fall.

After a brief encounter with the 415th, the two would follow Omega's trail and end up on Prakith. Finding a scroll that could help Omega, Lothal was the next destination, where Tau would lose her telepathy briefly and hide from the Sith. With the return of Xesh, the two left Lothal to arrive on Attolon, where an encounter with the Bendu sent them to their next stage, journeying with the Muunilinst 10.

Tau would encounter the Fallen Trickster here, who would torment her and later teach her in some ways to avoid detection through the Void. Arriving on the 50 Moons of the Winding Bridge, Tau would finally encounter Omega, who would later end up in a coma due to a violent confrontation with the Trickster, who had revealed his true intentions.

Later, after stowing away on Epsilon's shuttle, Tau ended up on Naboo during the creation of the Fungus. After encountering a younger Axis and Padme Amidala, Tau played a role in helping the former defeat the monstrosity and free Naboo. Due to these heroic actions, Tau and co. would meet the Chancellor of the Republic, who would then redirect Tau to the Jedi Order and Anakin Skywalker.

Tau and Anakin would bond, the latter determined to take the girl as his padawan out of friendship and arrogance in his own abilities and power. On Tython, Tau was inducted into the youngling Clan Wolf. There, she found that she was a bit of an outcast among her peers. However, she still made a few friends, who considered her as weird but tolerable. She trained with them and Anakin, slowly catching up to the others.

Speed: High A + Visibility | Low G

Abilities: The Mastery of Mental Shielding. Proficient in Form V, Touch Telepathy, Gardener’s Call, and Void Sense. Skilled in Treatment & Aid, Niman, Echani Hand-to-Hand, and Shii-Cho. Begun Training in Echani Sabre Combat, Martial Weapons, and Blaster Pistols

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Force Vision and Precognition. Proficient in Mind Trick, Plant Surge, Psychometry, and Animal Bond. Begun Training in Force Healing.

  • Balance = 31. Midichlorian Count = 23,102.

Equipment: 2 Vibroblades; The First Blade; Acolyte’s Lightsaber; Tau's Jedi Robes.

Weaknesses: Tau is in the body of a child, which can be slow and unresponsive at times, enough force applied by even a regular person under adrenaline can still break her body easily. Tau is still naïve, and while she has a high Mental Shielding, it is not yet at the point where it can be used to ascertain lies. Not only this, but the Seedling also dislikes fighting in the first place. One could easily manipulate a combat scenario where: she avoids fighting and loses; or she enjoys the fight and acts in anger, shaking her worldview and making her inefficient. Tormenting her about the losses of her universe will likely cause her to act in a rage or cause a panic attack, where one can swiftly dispatch of the child. Finally, Tau seems to have the need to be “in the right”. A competent manipulator can convince her that her previous actions/ideologies were incorrect, and likely paralyse her in internal conflict, allowing for a swift kill.