Name: Willow

Rank: Jedi Padawan

Tier: Low 3

Background: Willow is a Force Sensitive human female. Early on in life, her father became delusional and placed her into stasis. While in stasis, her reflexive mental capacities were configured to operate a variety of droids. One of these droids had an error in its code that gave it access to Willow's conscious mental processes, putting her under the illusion that she was a sentient droid bartender. As a droid, she worked at the 79s Bar for a year on Coruscant until she was discovered by Sights and Jaws of the 415th Exploratory Corps. They became fond of her and adopted the aloof droid's service for the at-the-time battalion.

Over time, the 415th clones knew her simply as "Droid." Her growing attachment to the clones led her to sometimes follow them into battle, even though she was legally not allowed to. However, the troopers were amused by her presence, so they swept away any concern and kept it on the down-low. As for the majority of the time, she ran the 79s Bar aboard the Amaterasu, an upgraded Victory I class Star destroyer, until the ship's demise over Byss. While on Dromund Kaas, Droid and Han Solo ventured into an ancient Sith temple. There, dark sorcery was imbued into her droid shell. This strengthened Willow's connection to the droid through the Force, allowing her to alter the Force through the bartender. Upon discovering this, General Méra Dimitra claimed Droid as her Padawan.

While venturing with Méra, Marka Ragnos, Han and Chewbacca in the Millenium Falcon for a few months, Droid often created holograms of the clones and HK droids in the 415th. Over time, she began to develop feelings for HK-415 "Blaze," but her crush was quickly put down by Ragnos, who would not allow it. She also missed the clones deeply, feeling isolated from anyone to talk to while traveling on the Falcon in hyperspace. She also began to have nightmares of Master, the 79s Bar Founder. These factors kickstarted Droid's descent into depression. When Méra was arrested on Naboo for becoming a Sith, Droid was picked up by Jaws. She was brought back to the 415th after many months away. Overjoyed to see everyone again, she distributed plenty of hugs; yet deep down, she experienced deep regret for leaving the clones to fend for themselves in dire times. She resumed her bartending and occasional participation in battle.

While on Tuplaa, Tau gave the droid courage to confront Master and gain her freedom. Through a tough goodbye, she left the 415th on her endeavour. Her ship got dragged out of hyperspace by Void Spider-webs. The hyperspace vehicle crash-landed on a web-ridden planet, where she met Axis. The two destroyed the spider nest and retreated to Grand Admiral Thrawn's ship to watch the orbital bombardment. The crew gave her an X-Wing, which she used to resume her journey to Coruscant.

Still on the edge of what she should do, the droid stalled for some time on the urbanized planet. Through a break of determination, she finally snuck into the building where the 79's Bar headquarters were located and met face-to-face with Master. Driven to anger, she gave him a lethal wound. Before he died, the droid found out that she was controlled by a human girl trapped in stasis and that Master was this girl's father. At first in denial, she tried to leave, but a part of herself convinced her to shut down the machinery and free the girl. After awakening from stasis, the girl violently broke free of the suspension pod and fell unconscious. Emergency workers would find her and hospitalize the comatose girl for nearly a year.

When she woke up, she immediately ran out of the hospital and back to where she left her X-Wing. The traumatized girl put in the information to travel back to the 415th on Aridus. Willow was too exhausted to steer her ship and crash-landed it into the dunes, where Sights and a group of clones would bring her to the field hospital.

In her first few weeks of arrival, she was too shell-shocked to talk coherently. Thankfully, some people like Emiliana Volshe, Wrench, and Sights helped her open up and inform them of who she was. Her childish, light-hearted personality slowly began to return. Unfortunately, she was still disturbed from her time on Coruscant, and her hysteria led to angry and sometimes violent outbursts. Due to her Force sensitivity, falling to the Dark Side became a major concern. Arye Prays agreed to take Willow to Tython in order to learn about the Jedi ways that would help her control her emotions. While on Tython, she met many Jedi such as Kad, Satele Shan, Tev'raat, among others. While her traumas still plagued her, she grew better at temporarily suppressing them. Slowly, she learned how to be a more authentic Jedi, but her compassion for droids hindered this. One day, she couldn't bring herself to walk away from a damaged training droid and sought to repair and remove its restraining bolt. She later dubbed this droid as "Davey."

Speed: Middle F | High G

Abilities: Mastery in Mental Shielding, Slicing, and Mechanical Mind. Highly Proficient in Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat. Proficient in Shii-Cho, Tràkata, Throwables, and Explosives. Skilled in Manipulation, Ground Vehicles, and Chemistry. Begun Training in Shotguns.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Mechu Deru. Proficient in Force Slow, Force Grip, Force Push & Pull, Empathy, Cryokinesis, and Psychometry. Skilled in Force Healing. Begun Training in Force Repulse, Tutaminis, and Farsight.

  • Balance = 74. Midichlorian Count = 19,260.

Equipment: Willow’s Lightsaber; Kneecap Deleter; Chiss Energy Shield; Personal Stealth Generator

Weaknesses: Willow has been with the Jedi for a year, and thus has a greater control of her emotions. And yet, she is still a highly unstable individual, and one should find manipulating her to be quite easy given her chaotic emotional state. After uncovering her human origins, she struggles with her identity and judgement, which can lead to hesitation in battle. Anyone who is privy to her internal struggles can catch her off guard by sending her into a state of distress when mentioning her mistakes. On top of her own problems, she is very attached to the clones of the 415th, willing to do almost anything to keep them safe- even if she is woefully unprepared to protect them.