Name: Bly

Rank: Fang of the Coiled King

Tier: High 2

Background: Bly, formerly Marshal Commander CC-5052 Bly, is a Jango Fett clone, made as part of the Republic's clone army in 32 BBY. Bly was trained to be a Clone Commander, thus receiving the same training regimen as the Beta class ARC troopers by ARC Alpha-17 "Alpha". Alpha also trained Commanders Cody, Gree, Bacara, Neyo and several others in the same program.

Bly was assigned as the Commander of the 327th Star Corps, and eventually the Marshal Commander of the Systems Army Alpha. He served with the 327th and Jedi General Aayla Secura for the first year of the Clone Wars (roughly 22 BBY - 21 BBY). This was until he mysteriously disappeared after the battle of Commenor. General Secura, distraught at his disappearance, began a search for him alongside her duties as the 327th's Jedi General.

Bly and Aayla were very close during their service together, and as such, General Secura did her best to try and locate him and hopefully bring him back; as she could still feel him alive through the force. Eventually, she picked up what seemed like a distress signal from the planet Rugosa, and decided to bring the entire 327th with her alongside her fleet.

Upon entering the atmosphere, every ship in the fleet malfunctioned to the point where it crashed on the planet, killing about 60% of the clones and crew. After landing and realizing they were stranded, they were hunted down over the course of about a month by a shadowy figure that none of them could place, but felt familiar to the General. Eventually, she caught the shadow red-handed, initiating a large scale fight between Bly and the 327th. Bly killed the general and many of the soldiers present, before fleeing the planet altogether.

Later, Bly found himself on Mandalore, having made connections with the higher ups of the Galactic Syndicate. This was about the time the Mandalorian Riots began, and Bly used the chaos of such an event to quickly rise within the power structure of Mandalore to eventually become its Chief of State. After the riots had ended and Bly had met Axis, Ectherid revealed himself to Bly, granting him the ability to cloak himself through usage of the Void, and naming him a Fang of the Coiled King.

Since then, Bly has been serving doubly as the Mandalorian head of state, trying to improve quality of life on the planet to prevent another disaster like the riots, and his responsibility as Ectherid's top enforcer, building a homebase for the Vassals on the planet Jakku.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery with Sniper Rifles, Mental Shielding, and Espionage. Mastery with Manipulation, Deception, Dagger Combat, Mandalorian Sabre Combat, and Throwables. Highly Proficient with Cloaking Devices, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat, Explosives, and Ground Vehicles. Proficient with Jetpacks. Skilled in Void Cloak and Hunting/Tracking. Begun Training in Way of the Void Sabre combat.

Equipment: Proficient with Flamethrowers; Durasteel Armour; Helmet with advanced scanners and optical technology; Highly Proficient with GALAAR-15 carbine; 1 DC-15X; 1 Vibroblade; 2 Daggers; 2 Vambraces (flamethrower, shield, poison darts, grappling hook); 1 Z-6 Jetpack; Smoke Grenades; Thermals; EMP grenades. Aayla Secura’s Lightsabers; Cybernetics with Partial EMP Hardening

Weaknesses: Bly has gone through severe brainwashing and augmentations, making him a deadly opponent. Being insensitive to extreme pain, this makes him tough to put down; but it also means Bly does not know when to quit. Pain is the warning sign of the body, and Bly has an extremely weak one. Bly does not know when to give up on a mission, and will allow himself to get back into corners as long as the job gets done. This could be used to trap and neutralise him.