Tràkata is the technique of deactivating one’s saber in combat. It is a style of combat that can only be performed by a lightsaber user, as it is unique to the act of igniting and deactivating one’s blade. One could quickly re-ignite the blade after deactivating it to confuse an opponent, allowing for feints and bluffs to be another method of combat.

If one uses Jar’Kai, or even better Jar’Kai Niman, the effectiveness of this technique is multiplied. Deactivating the blade to slip past an opponent's guard and then using a force technique unexpectedly within their guard could have potentially devastating effects.

Tràkata heavily involves practical combat and the art of deception, something despised by the Sith, who prefer to use their passion to win in combat. Such is the way of their philosophy. As such, the Sith will very rarely be found using Tràkata. Many Jedi, including myself, would not see such deception as the Jedi way, at least in something as honest and dangerous as combat. However, some Jedi are willing to use the technique, as to be more in touch with the Force during combat.

There are three techniques to Tràkata. Passing the Blade, where one bypasses their opponent’s block by deactivating their own blade. Unbalancing Block, where the duelist catches the opponent's blade with his own before deactivating it, causing the opponent to stumble and leave himself open. Finally, Flash Slash, where the duelist would activate their blade for only a moment, allowing just enough time for the blade to reach full length while being swung, and then deactivated again.

To Summarise:

  • Not used by either Jedi or Sith, both seeing it as a counter to their philosophies. However, Jedi are much more inclined to use it.

  • Allows one to easily bypass their opponent’s block with three techniques. Passing the Blade, Unbalancing Block and Flash Slash.

  • Failure will result in death. If the user mistimes or fails the manoeuvre, they are likely to be killed by their opponent's blade.