Name: T-514

Rank: Wildlife Researcher

Tier: Middle 4

Background: T-514, also referred to as 514, was a T-series tactical droid reprogrammed and reformatted to serve as a research droid. Sometime later, T-514 was upgraded using Chikaaran technology. He is served aboard a research vessel, a refitted MC80 Nautilus named Song of the Wind.

Speed: High G Visibility | High H Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Pattern Recognition. Proficient in Blaster Pistols and Programmed Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Equipment: Proficient with E-5 blaster rifle. Skilled with Chikaar Plasma Pistol.

Weaknesses: T-514's curiosity sometimes gets the better of him, causing him to open doors with radiation on the other end without thinking to close the second door behind him; nor to check for radiation in the first place, asking armed individuals inappropriate or disrespectful questions, and activating a potentially dangerous droid just to try and talk to it. T-514, like any droid, can easily be disabled by EMPs and other such mechanically restricting devices.