Name: Mandalorian Mounted Trooper

Rank: Mandalorian

Tier: Middle 3

Background: A unit created for clan-on-clan combat, predating even the Mandalorian Wars. Given the nature of the distance between the compounds of the larger clans, it was a strategy first adopted by Clan Wren; where hit-and-runs would be performed on enemy compounds using speeder groups, before said units would retreat before reinforcements could arrive.

The Mandalorian Mounted Trooper changed the face of Mandalorian warfare forever, and they have never been forgotten.

Speed: Middle E Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Jetpacks and Ground Vehicles. Proficient in Survival Skills, Weapon Instinct, Blaster Rifles, Explosives, Blaster Pistols, Shotguns, Blaster Carbines, Slugthrowers, Sniper Rifles, and Throwables. Skilled in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand, Camouflage, and Traps.

Perk: Isn't That Banned?

  • The Mounted Trooper can strap explosives onto their vehicles and jump out before impact without fail, detonating a huge explosion.

Equipment: Mandalorian Beskar Armour; Z-6 jetpack; Proficient in Flamethrower and wrist rocket launchers; GALAAR-15 Blaster Carbine; WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistol; 4 Thermal Detonators; 2 remote detonation packs.

Weaknesses: These guys okay? They have the need. The need for speed. But like most Mandalorians, they are cocky in their own abilities. The Mounted Trooper may try to perform vehicular manoeuvres that he cannot usually perform, risking his safety to complete his objective. As such, it is likely you will see a mounted trooper do the following things: Tokyo Drift off a cliff face, attempt to pop a wheelie and break their spine, attempt to stand up on top of the speeder seat only for them to fall off and break their neck in hilarious fashion, try to do a stunt and end up committing vehicular manslaughter, and other such reality ensuing moments. Mandalorians, after nearly a year of abuse from the rest of the galaxy, are hot-headed and emotionally fragile. Taunting them over their defeats over the last months will set them into a blind rage, from which they can be easily dispatched

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