Name: A-DSD Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid

Rank: Battle Droid

Tier: High 3

Background: The A-DSD advanced dwarf spider droid was a more heavily armed and armoured version of the DSD1 dwarf spider droid and the heavy dwarf spider droid, capable of operating in complete darkness.

Created by Commerce Guild Manufacturers, this droid was originally built to root out miners who refused to pay the trade conglomerate's tariffs. Available commercially for many years before the Battle of Geonosis, it was used in holographic training simulators for clone troopers on Kamino, but was not manufactured in large numbers until some time after the mobilization of the droid armies due to cost overruns.

Delta Squad faced several of these war droids during their covert missions throughout the Clone Wars, on theatres such as Geonosis and The Citadel.

Speed: Low C Visibility | Tier J Movement Speed

Abilities: None

Equipment: Extreme Mastery with Heavy Blaster Cannon; Mastery with Fire-linked Missile Launchers; Plated Armour and Front Legs; Optical Sensor.

Weaknesses: While an extremely powerful droid, the A-DSD has a key weakness. To gauge its surroundings, it must expose its optical sensor to perform an environmental scan. Typically, this is open when firing at enemies or when enemies move; or when the droid itself has to move. Moderate blaster fire, or a couple of explosive-based attacks towards the sensor destroys it, thus destroying the droid itself. The droid faces its enemies, thus its front legs are protected by heavy plates. Explosives can be used to blow these plates off quite easily, the plates themselves mainly blocking blaster fire. Given the main body is the only other heavily armoured part of the droid; enough attacks towards the droid's hind legs, or the frontal legs after the plates have been removed, is likely to cripple the droid. Lastly, the droid is incredibly slow, and one can easily manoeuvre around it without the droid being able to rotate easily.

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