Name: "Bucky"

Rank: Sith Apprentice

Tier: High 2

Background: Bucky was a small boy when he was kidnapped and doesn’t remember the past of his life. His kidnappers were the Jal shey and they taught him the ways of the force and everything. He then was told he was kidnapped while in his teens and got angry, he didn’t leave the Jal Shey but took advantage and tried to kill one of the members. His anger was sought out by the Sith empire and he joined the Sith empire., where he became an apprentice to one of the members of the Dark Side, and was brainwashed by Valkorian to be a useful asset to the Empire.

Speed: Middle C

Abilities: Mastery in Niman. Highly Proficient in Form V and Mental Shielding.Proficient in Juyo and Soresu.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly proficient in Standard Sith Apprentice Dark Side Abilities, Force Weapon, Plant Surge, Shadowstrike and Shadow Vision. Proficient in Force Healing and Force Choke. Skilled in Force Valour. Begun training in Revelation.

  • Balance = Forced Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 8,245.

Equipment: Bucky's Lightsaber; Cybernetic Arm made of Unknown Metal

Weaknesses: Hardly a talented combatant, more focused on the mind than the body. As such, advanced techniques should be able to overwhelm him. Tempting him with new and bizarre Force techniques and then killing him in his distraction would prove a highly effective method of putting him down.