Name: N-12 "A'den"

Rank: ARC Commander

Tier: Low 1

Background: Null-12, more commonly known as A'den, was a clone of the Human male bounty hunter Jango Fett. Part of the first group of clones developed by the Kaminoan scientists, Null-12 was "born" in 32 BBY in the facilities of Tipoca City on the planet Kamino. Of the twelve clones in the batch, only six survived the gestation period: N-5, N-6, N-7, N-10, N-11, and N-12. Trained by the Cuy'val Dar Kal Skirata, A'den and his brothers would prove themselves to be highly fast learners, and A'den himself proved himself a highly skilled Black Ops Commando, specializing in acrobatic and highly physically intensive work, whilst also being a pinpoint shot, capable of swinging around the ceilings of Tipoca City with rappel lines, and being able to fire at the Kaminoan Technicians below with such high accuracy that he could purposely miss them by a hair. After the outbreak of the war, A'den would prove a highly valuable asset to the G.A.R, being the Null who would be fielded most of all, as he purposely refused the offer to be a Commissioned Officer, preferring to stay a Sergeant like Kal Skirata.

A'den would ocassionally be accompanied by his Null brothers or his brothers in Omega Squad during operations However, RC-8015 "Fi Skirata" would go comatose during the Battle of Gaftikar, with the others in Omega Squad going MIA as their father, Kal Skirata, had in a fit of madness caused the nuclear annihilation of Sundari. With their father being revealed to be a mass murderer, their very foundations shattered along with now being reviled and despised on their adopted homeworld.

A'den would rapidly rise up the ranks afterwards to Commander, seeing no point in honouring his father due to his actions on Mandalore. His social nature making him far better suited at working with others, making him most suitable out of his Null brothers for such a position. After an operation with Grand Admiral Thrawn regarding the capture of the rogue Separatist Chiss Sev'rance Tann, A'den would eventually find himself with the Key Team's operatives in Galactic Syndicate space, He and his brothers allowing them to work over and at Kyrimorut to locate and terminate the Force Deity Abeloth. He'd find new friends among those at Kyrimorut, such as the members of Clone Force 99, Ar'alani and Dorian. Having found relative peace in this time, A'den had found his his life truly enjoyable once more, having begun to recover from the events of the Day of Chaos and Sundari Riots. However, the worst case scenario would happen, and the last great thing Kal had made before his madness, Kyrimorut, their home and sanctuary, was destroyed much like Sundari, in Nuclear annihilation.

Right after, his brothers and their comrades attempted to rescue the survivors on ground zero of Kyrimorut, however they were met by a task force from Clan Caesar, who had been ordered to Mobilize to Kyrimorut. Following a desperate and emotional conflict, they all had been captured. He would eventually meet the man behind the rising superpower clan, Lord Caesar himself, who revealed that he had not been the one to bomb Kyrimorut, but it was rather an order coming from the Syndicate, and that both his task force had been asked to mobilize there, and that he as a child had been saved by Kal Skirata during his time as a Bounty Hunter. Caesar offered aid to the Nulls and their friends, and After months of ""captivity"" in Caesar territory, they were to be bought by someone - Abeloth. Caesar had used them as bait to draw her in, having found out about her from Naz's files. In reality though, he would set them free and allow the team to arm themselves, having made this situation to trap Abeloth. A swift and ragged battle followed, with Caesar and many members of the Key Team there barely surviving even with Caesar's preparations. Now, A'den works with The Key Team aboard The Chimaera II, travelling the stars, having aided in freeing the now deceased Grand Admiral Thrawn's brother, Thrass, from confinement. Now he and those aboard are to investigate the disappearance of the Far Outsiders, a large extragalactic force who had seemingly been preparing to invade the greater Galaxy, and what could have possibly destroyed them so thoroughly..

Speed: Middle B Combat Speed

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery in Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, Espionage, Weapon Instinct, Deception, Mandalorian Sabre Combat, Mental Shielding, and Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat. Mastery in Street Hand-to-Hand Combat, Environmental Conditioning, Manipulation, Hunting/Tracking, Vehicle Boarding, Ship Boarding, Ground Vehicles, Explosives, All Weapon Types, Camouflage, Survival Skills, Projectors, Throwing Knives, Traps, Throwables, and Jetpacks. Highly Proficient in Teras Kasi, Mechanical Mind, Stealth Generators, Treatment & Aid, Pattern Recognition, Energy Shields, and Slicing. Proficient in Chemistry and Aerial Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Equipment: The Mastery with the WESTAR-M5; Custom Underslung WESTAR-M5 Microgrenade Launcher; DC-17S; Mandalorian Ripper; Custom Verpine Shatter Sniper Rifle; 3 Beskar Kuati Knives; Custom Beskar Alpha Series-III ARC Armour; 4 Reverse-polarity Pulse Grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Carnage’s Lightsabers; Ysalamir; Personal Energy Shield.

Weaknesses: A’den loved Kal Skirata. And when it was revealed he was a mass murderer, A’den had his foundations shattered. Mentioning Kal Skirata will set A’den off back to his burning anger which had been quelled with therapy, and cause him to make extremely costly and stupid mistakes. A'den will do anything to protect the rest of his brothers, having one in a hostage-like situation will cause him and the other Nulls to drop everything, thus rendering their objective obsolete. One should attempt to engage A’den at range as opposed to close quarters combat, due to his genetic strength and variety of Hand-to-Hand Combat types.