Name: Ben Kenobi

Rank: Jedi Master

Tier: High 1

Background: Obi-Wan Kenobi, later known as Ben Kenobi during his exile, was a Force-sensitive Human male and a legendary Jedi Master who played a significant role in the fate of the galaxy during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. He was the mentor of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, training both in the ways of the Force. He had a long and tumultuous career that helped shape the fate of the entire galaxy.

Born in 57 BBY on Stewjon, Kenobi was taken as the Jedi apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn and traveled on many missions with him. During the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, Kenobi became the first Jedi in approximately 1,000 years to defeat a Sith Lord in combat when he defeated Darth Maul during the Battle of Naboo, yet lost his master in the same duel. He suffered another loss in 22 BBY in the form of the death of fellow jedi Siri Tachi, whom Kenobi had romantic feelings for. That same year, Kenobi found the clone army on Kamino, and he was captured and almost executed in the Petranaki arena on Geonosis, along with Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala. The newly arrived clone troopers rescued them, but the following battle began the galaxy-wide Clone Wars.

As a High Jedi General, Kenobi fought during many battles of the Clone Wars, and was one of the last members of the Jedi High Council. Even after his apprentice became a Jedi Knight, Kenobi and Skywalker fought together many times, becoming a widely renowned pair. Kenobi earned the sobriquet "the Negotiator" through his charm and calm demeanour as well as the quiet threat of his abilities with a lightsaber. During the war, an old enemy returned to haunt Kenobi: Darth Maul, the murderer of Qui-Gon Jinn. With aid of his brother, Savage Opress, the revived Sith Lord went to create a criminal empire, all the while plotting revenge on his most despised adversary. Kenobi clashed blades with Maul on occasion across the galaxy. He was devastated as Maul slew the Jedi's past love interest, Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore, in cold blood, yet remained strong throughout the conflict. Later in the war, Skywalker saved his life in a battle fought over Coruscant, after which Kenobi killed General Grievous on Utapau. However, he was soon betrayed, as Commander Cody, following Order 66, opened fire on him.

Kenobi met up with his old mentor Grand Master Yoda, and the two realized that not many Jedi had survived the attacks. The two returned to the Jedi Temple, where they learned the agonizing truth: Skywalker, now lost to the dark side of the Force, had led an attack to kill all Jedi remaining in the Jedi Temple, following orders from Chancellor Palpatine, the ruler of the successor of the Republic, the Galactic Empire. Kenobi travelled to Mustafar in order to duel his former apprentice and friend, now the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Finally, Vader was taken in by a storm of lava, and Kenobi remorsefully left him to die. While Yoda, one of the few other Jedi to survive the Great Jedi Purge, went into exile, Kenobi took the son of Skywalker and Amidala, Luke Skywalker, to live with the Lars family on Tatooine.

Adopting a hermit lifestyle as "Ben Kenobi," he watched over Vader's and Senator Padmé Amidala's son, Luke. At the beginning of his exile, Ben encountered Maul and Belkrin, upon which he took their daughter Eliza as his padawan. While in exile, Kenobi was hunted down once again by Maul, who he finally slew to protect the young Luke. Kenobi began the boy's Jedi training in 0 BBY, and soon after encountered Vader aboard the first Death Star, where he sacrificed himself to ensure that Luke and his allies escaped from the Sith Lord. In death, Kenobi became one with the Force which allowed him to continue guiding Luke throughout the Galactic Civil War.

Speed: High C

Abilities: The Mastery of Mental Shielding and Soresu. Extreme Mastery in Dun Moch, Deception, Survival Skills, and Mechanical Mind. Mastery in Martial Weapons, Manipulation, Ataru, Slicing, Ground Vehicles, Throwables, Sniper Rifles, Blaster Pistols, and Niman. Highly Proficient in Form II, Shii-Cho, Jar’Kai, and Espionage. Proficient in Temple Hand-to-Hand Combat and Explosives. Skilled in Jetpacks.

Notable Force Abilities: The Master of the Mind Trick. The Mastery of Becoming One with The Force. Extreme Mastery in Tutaminis, Standard Council Light Side abilities, Electronic Manipulation, Force Stealth, Wall of Light, Force Valour, Dominate Mind and Farsight. Mastery in Force Enlightenment, Force Crush, and Forced Shatterpoint.

  • Balance = 0. Midichlorian Count = 9,809.

Equipment: Ben Kenobi’s lightsaber; Jedi Robes; Mastery with Mechanic Kit.

Weaknesses: Ben Kenobi is old and worn, toiled by years of depression under the unyielding suns of Tatooine. As such, his skill in lightsaber combat has dwindled significantly, to the point even he notes that he is rusty. Ben Kenobi has expectations from his own past, and thus when encountering someone from his past, he may expect them to fight differently, not accounting for the timeline divergence. This false advantage could get him quickly and decisively killed, though it will not take him long to adjust if one does not dispatch of him quickly. Ben Kenobi has a duty to protect Luke, and will do anything to return to his time and universe to see his duty completed. Furthermore, seeing Anakin and figures from his past may unbalance him, triggering PTSD episodes.

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