Name: Arye Prays

Rank: Guardian of Tython

Tier: Low 1

Background: Arye Prays was a male member of the Jedi Knights that fell to become the first Dark Lords of the Sith. Through experiments he eventually managed to live past a normal lifespan several times over. He would later serve with the Eternal Sith Empire as Darth Cassabitira of the Dark Council then as the Third Emperor's Wrath. After finding redemption, Arye would be anointed the Guardian of Tython as a member of the Jedi Order.

Inducted into the Jedi Order as a child, then training under Ajunta Pall from his early days as a Padawan; spending most of his time reading and studying history. Then eventually siding with his master in the second great schism, and in that being exiled alongside the other Dark Jedi. Going on to fight in the ensuing hundred-year darkness and staying with the Exiles during the formation of the Sith Order. Arye grew tired of the conflict, and returned to the known galaxy, later marrying.

After his wife's death at the hands of his former comrades, Arye would become a ghost, and was presumed dead for thousands of years. Briefly revealing himself during the Cold War, and standing against the Eternal Empire with the Alliance. And at one point, fatally wounded, saving his own life through technology; at the cost of having to leave his organic body to survive. And once more vanishing for thousands of years.

As the Clone Wars raged on, Arye now under the disguise of a GNK droid. He found himself with an opportunity, and managed to recover his organic body from a stasis pod. With severe memory loss, he would distance himself from the Confederacy as he focused on his retraining, and eventually leave the known galaxy. Becoming a Dark Councillor within the Eternal Empire. Although he spent much of this time working with Thrawn, Omega, and finding that Annalise; his former wife, had reappeared in modern times.

Dromund Kaas served as a turning point in his life, having been beaten down and made the realization that he had been wrong. Arye finding his way back to the light side of the force and in a state of complete disarray, and surrendering to the Republic and their Jedi. Satele Shan, who he had previously met, coming to help; the two eventually falling in love, despite Arye's relationship with Annalise Dimidium. They would go on to, together, track down the Second Barsen'thor's holocron. Leading them to Mortis at first, where they put the Son and Daughter out of their torment. Which accelerated Abeloth's escape from the Maw; spiralling into a prolonged conflict in which he spearheaded the fight against Abeloth and her several avatars around the galaxy.

Speed: Middle B | High C

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability. Fighting Spirit. The Mastery in Mental Shielding. Extreme Mastery in Improvised Hand-to-Hand and Way of the Rancor. Mastery in TLSC, Treatment & Aid, Dun Moch, Deception, Crafting, Hunting/Tracking, Ground Vehicles, and Ship Boarding. Highly Proficient in Mechanical Mind, Chemistry, Slicing, Manipulation, Environmental Conditioning, and Espionage. Proficient in Form V, Sith Swords, Saberpikes, Shii-Cho, Jar’Kai, Ataru, Saberstaffs, Niman, Tràkata, Electrostaffs, the 3 other forms, Throwables, Pattern Recognition, Temple Hand-to-Hand Combat, Custom Saber Form, and Survival Skills. Skilled in Staffs, Explosives, Jetpacks, Siege Weapons, and Weapon Instinct. Begun Training in Traps.

Notable Force Abilities: The Mastery of Protection Bubble. Extreme Mastery of Teleportation. Mastery of Farsight, Electric Judgement, Telekinesis, Force Guidance, Instinctive Astrogation, Force Light, and Alter Damage. Highly Proficient in Force Stealth. Proficient in Tutaminis, Force Suppression, Standard Knight Abilities, Force Heal, Force Barrier, Revitalise, Force Stasis, and Force Enlightenment. Skilled in Force Valour, Shift Sense, and Stasis Field. Begun Training in Detoxify Poison.

  • Balance = 37. Midichlorian Count = 13,111.

Equipment: Material 87 Reinforced Clothing; Arye's Saberstaff; a Ball'er'ss; Jedi Utility Belt with: a set of Force Dampening Cuffs and a Multi-Tool; Sling pack with: Rations, other saberstaff, Arye's Datapad and Journal, SEII Comlink, 2 sets of Force Dampening Cuffs, Repair Tools, a full Medkit with an extra 4 Bacta stims, Chiss Energy Shield Generator, Jedi Cloak.

Weaknesses: Arye enjoys fighting greatly, but will often hold back to prevent him from killing someone. This should be capitalised on. The Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat Technique heavily relies on concentration, and disrupting this should reduce the range of his lightsabers to just his person. One should watch out for his Teleportation and Fold Space, and thus going into a combat scenario with counter strategies to it will give one a massive advantage over one of his most important utilities. Furthermore, most Jedi tire from extended use of the technique so extension of a combat scenario where he uses it should be applied if possible. Arye has lacklustre saber skills, and this is a recommended form of engagement.